Thursday, November 7, 2019

Work Space Colors Impact on Attitude and Productivity

Most people may not pay any attention to the wall colors, artwork, or accessories in your work space; but most of the time it can have an impact on you which you don't even realize. Many people react differently to certain tones of color of rooms. It has been proven that light greens and blues are very welcoming colors to most people, even ones who have sensory issues. Some people respond well to a colorful and expressive work space, while others may respond different. Some others may get overwhelmed easily or have sensory issues do not work well in that certain kind of work space. They may work better in a space with light tones instead of vibrant colors and a lot going on. At the same time, this type of work space makes another group of people express creativity and excitement in fun and vibrant work spaces. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Bad Web Pages

    If I were to chance these bad web pages, I would make a theme for them. Most of the websites displayed on this page do not have much structure and color theme. They are a "mumble jumble" of words and colors which is not very appealing. 

    Using these color themes throughout one web page can be crucial and much more appealing. Some of the web pages had colors all over the place and information and links all over the page. To make these sites better and more appealing, They could make them more structures and separate the information a little more than they did. For example, the third bad web page showed a bunch of ads and pictures stuffed together in one screen where no information can be comprehended properly. Due to this, the website isn't very effective and "good" essentially. 

    For that specific website, "Arngren Website" I would categorize the advertisements in separate files inside the web page instead of  stuffing every single thing into the one home screen. There is no structure to the website, so I would separate out the ads and make it so you can read the descriptions and such of each ad.  

Monday, October 7, 2019

Coding in Chemical Engineering

Computers and Code can be very useful in Chemical Engineering and for experiments. I am very interested in Chemical Engineering and I may study the topic in college as well as Turf Management. Chemical Engineers say that doing computational simulations can be a cheaper and quicker way to undergo and make an experiment happen. It can also provide information that a physical experiment can provide.

In physical experiments, some experiments can involve changing one variable at a time, which can be repetitive and a waste of materials. With coding, you can compute this experiment by adding and taking out variables that impact the outcome.

This specific chemical engineer says it can be quite fun, due to the coding being so convenient and productive. It seems like it can also be less stressful because if you are trying a bunch of different variables in one solution and trying to produce a chemical or physical reaction, it may take days upon days to keep making it and redoing it. If you do it online, it seems like trial and error is much more convenient and not stressful.

The women explaining coding in this post says that she is not an expert coder or very experienced in the coding field. She explains that it is pretty simple and easy to use coding in this area and in the chemical engineering field.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Internet Privacy and Government Access

I believe that if you are doing something illegal on your phone or internet device, then it should be accessible by the government. I think that they should have access and they shouldn't. I think that if the government had access to everyone's digital footprint and their online access, then they should disregard everyday searches and such but if someone was doing something illegal, then it should be taken into consideration. At the same time, people don't want to have everything they do on their internet devices tracked and recorded by the government. There are two valid sides to this argument and I am not 100% sure what side I am on.